Our skills.

We have had responsible for our brake shoe since our company begin (1910).

We provide relief and safety.

We strive for our all testing, development and analyze.

We provide safety and skills trough our product.

We continue study and provide safety also skills trough our product.

Pickup Information

Built the second BCP location in Sanda.

We have BCP locations in Okayama and Sanda. These offices and factories are not near active faults. We became to supply our products constantly.


President’s message

Ueda Brake started in 1910 with its founding cast iron business. With the help of everyone involved, we were able to celebrate our 100th anniversary. Greetings have been posted for the 100th anniversary.

President’s message
Our BCP.
(For Business Continuity Planning)

About our BCP Okayama and Sanda Hyogo.



Experience of develop composite materials.

We have been using composite materials over 30 years. Also, we have studied new materials and skills.

Quality control and products development.

We develop C16 our customer needs. We strive to maintain high quality of our product with the full size brakes tester.

Our high development capabilities.

We develop products with our many experiences, these make our developmental history.