Factory Overview

Below discuss our factories.

Composition facilities

Okayama Office

Sanda Office

  • The Hydraulic molding machine (various kinds)
  • The metallic molding(various kinds)
  • The high speed mixer
  • The kneading machine
  • The sliding-surface grind machine
  • The ditch cut machine
  • The abrasive blasting
  • The gather dust machine
  • The ceiling hoist
  • The grind machine
  • The residual heat dry reactor
  • The paint booth
  • The folk lift plus more

The cast iron facilities

Okayama office

The high frequency-electric furnace.

  • The high frequency electric furnace
  • The green-molding assemble line
  • The cool assemble line
  • The sand treatment assemble line
  • The shot blast
  • The gather dust machine
  • The hunger abrasive blasting
  • The table grinder
  • The cooling tower
  • The folk lift
  • The bucket lift
  • The electric scales
  • The overhead crane plus more

The evaluation facilities

  • The full size break tester
  • The adhesive power measuring tester
  • The polishing unit high speed rotation tester for 360km/n
  • The half size tester
  • The small sized wear tester
  • The small sized friction wear tester
  • The small sized disk tester
  • The polish unit fatigue destruction tester.
  • The Brinell hardness tester.
  • The Rockwell hardness tester
  • The Charpy impact tester
  • The vacuum spectroscopic analyzer machine
  • The electric auto scales
  • The metal microscope
  • The mirror grind machine
  • The ro-tap granularity tester
  • The moisture meters
  • Amsler universal test machine
  • The instron universal test machine
  • The digital micro scope plus more